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15 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Barbershop Revenue

A lesson that every brick-and-mortar store will eventually learn is that you can only get so much business from the traditional channels of regular foot traffic and word of mouth. This is just as true for barbershops. You cannot rely on the immediate community that exists around your location forever. At some point, if you really want to boost your revenue and growth, you will need to discover methods that expand further afield.

But while learning how to generate more revenue sounds great, in practice it can be incredibly daunting. Where do you start? How much time, effort and resources do you put into these strategies? These are just some of the basic questions that can make you feel lost and unwilling to try new things.

But fear not, the following guide will provide you with some clear strategies you can begin today that not only boost your revenue, but can absolutely take your barbershop to the next level.

1. Understanding Your Customer's Needs

The first strategy sounds relatively simple in practice, but in reality, it can have a lot of nuance is truly understanding your customers’ needs.

This may seem confusing… don’t barbershop customers just want a haircut? Well, of course, they do, but is there more to it that you’re ignoring? If your shop is based in an affluent or upscale area, then perhaps you shouldn’t be trying to compete on price but rather on quality.

What’s the ethnic makeup in the area? Hair is wildly different for different ethnic groups and so your services need to appropriately match their needs.

The days of every barbershop looking the same, charging the same and providing the same services is a thing of the past. Now, you need to tailor your business to the customers around you and provide the service they desperately crave.

2. Ensuring a Smooth Booking Experience

Picture this. A potential customer finds your barbershop online, likes the reviews, and decides to give your services a try. But here's the kicker - they find the booking process complicated and time-consuming. What do you think they'll do? Most likely, they'll abandon the process and seek a more user-friendly alternative.

A smooth booking experience is no longer a luxury; it's an expectation. With the digital age at its peak, customers want to be able to book their appointments with just a few clicks or taps. Make it easy for them, and they'll choose you over your competitors every time. This means having an intuitive, user-friendly booking system that's accessible on various devices.

If you’re worried about setting something like this up yourself, then why not give INCH a shot? INCH allows you to quickly create slick booking pages and calendars while also allowing you to get paid right through the booking. The process is easy and effortless for all parties.

3. Upselling Products

When a customer walks into your barbershop, they're entering a space of expertise in men's grooming. They trust your judgment, your skills, and your recommendations. This is a golden opportunity for upselling products. Haircare and grooming products are not just additional revenue sources; they're tools that help your clients maintain their look and grooming routine at home.

Take time to educate your clients about the products you're using during their service. Explain why you've chosen a particular product and how it benefits their hair or beard. This way, you're not just selling them a product; you're providing a solution to their grooming needs. Remember, the key to successful upselling is in the value it provides to the customer.

4. Utilizing Social Media

In this digital age, social media platforms are more than just spaces for casual interactions. They're powerful tools that can elevate your barbershop's visibility and attract a wider clientele.

With the right social media strategy, you can showcase your skills, highlight your services, share customer testimonials, and even announce special offers or discounts. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, with their visual-focused interfaces, are especially beneficial for barbershops.

Show off those sharp haircuts, sleek beard trims, and transformation before-and-afters. Seeing is believing, and a well-curated social media feed can be the difference between a potential customer choosing your shop over a competitor's.

5. Regular Training and Upgrading Skills

The world of barbering is constantly evolving, with new techniques, tools, and trends emerging regularly. Staying current with these changes is crucial in providing your clients with the best and latest services. Regular training and skill upgrading can really boost your barbershop's growth and revenue increase.

If you’ve only ever done haircuts, then learning to give hot towel shaves can quickly provide a brand new revenue stream as you entice customers with a new service.

6. Offering Exclusive Deals

Who doesn't love a good deal? Offering exclusive deals or discounts is an effective strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Whether it's a discount on their first haircut, a reduced price for combo services, or a special birthday offer, deals can make your clients feel valued and incentivized to return.

Remember, the key is to create deals that provide real value to your clients. This strategy, combined with excellent service, can lead to increased customer loyalty and consequently, increased revenue.

7. Loyalty Stamp Cards

Haircuts are an inherently temporary solution. It obviously depends from person to person but someone may get their hair cut as frequently as every few weeks. And if they are getting their haircut frequently, then they might as well be getting it cut by you.

You want to ensure that once a person gets their hair cut at your barbershop, they keep on coming back. While part of that is providing a wonderful service that exactly matches their needs, another great tool is rewarding frequent visitors with a stamp card.

These are common in places like coffee houses but a frequent visitor stamp card allows returning customers to get a stamp every time they get their hair cut and once they hit a certain number, say 10, they get a free haircut.

This incentivizes loyalty in your store but ensures the customer has something to look forward to.

8. Unique Selling Points

Typically, a unique selling point is a trait attached to a product that allows it to differentiate itself from the competition. For example, a skincare product may include vitamins in their moisturizers so they can show themselves as being healthier than their alternatives.

In many ways, barbershops are very similar to each other which makes standing out a bit more difficult. And while haircuts will always fundamentally be haircuts, you can find other ways to really differentiate your business.

One thing you could do is cater to specific groups like children. This could mean having games consoles that kids can play while having a haircut.

Or perhaps you could attract eco-conscious customers by defining your barbershop as being environmentally friendly and only using sustainable products.

9. Offer House Visits

Your services as a barber don’t necessarily need to end at the door. More and more people are attracted to the idea of getting their haircut in the comfort of their own homes and are willing to pay a pretty penny for the pleasure.

This can either be viewed as a premium service for higher paying clients who don’t want to travel. Or it could also be seen as a special service for customers who have difficulty in physically traveling to your barbershop.

Regardless of the reason, there is definitely money to be made through house calls, just be sure not to let it interfere with your day-to-day business too much.

10. Classes and Courses

Sometimes it’s worth thinking outside the box when it comes to finding new revenue streams and providing classes or courses on grooming and styling is a great way to monetize your skills outside of business hours.

On the low-tech end of the spectrum, this could mean a monthly barbershop class that you do at your shop. On the other hand, you could even film and produce a professional online course that could teach anything from haircutting to professional styling and grooming.

The best part is it allows you to expand your revenue further than just how many haircuts you can manually do.

11. Pairing Services

While many customers will walk into your store with a clear idea of what they want, this won’t always be true for everyone. Sometimes customers will have a vague image in their heads and then they are relying on you, the expert, to help them.

This is your opportunity to make your pitch on everything that might suit them. Perhaps you can suggest getting both a haircut and a shave which you can price economically to be better value together than separately. Or you can suggest other services that might help them get the look they want like styling.

12. Offer Luxury

If you're looking to upgrade your revenue, then why not also upgrade the experience? Basic haircuts and shaves will always be pretty limited in how much you can charge because they are essentially a commodity that you can get anywhere.

So, why not take your barber to the next level and provide a premium service at a premium price?

Instead of just a haircut, you offer a pre-wash and head massage. Instead of just a shave, you offer a hot towel shave with essential oils.

The products you use should be top shelf and compound the feeling that you’ve had an incredible service. You can then try and upsell these products too!

13. Engaging in Local Events

Being a part of your local community can not only increase your visibility but also bring in new clients. Participate in local events, sponsor local sports teams, or hold charity events at your barbershop. This not only helps you network with potential customers but also positions your barbershop as a business that cares about its community.

Remember, people prefer businesses that show social responsibility and community involvement. So, plan to be a part of local festivals, charity runs, or parades, and make sure your presence is impactful and memorable.

14. Creating a Comfortable Environment

Never underestimate the power of ambiance. The physical environment of your barbershop can greatly influence a customer's decision to return. An inviting, clean, and comfortable barbershop can make the haircut experience more enjoyable, encouraging customers to stay longer and visit more often.

Invest in comfortable chairs, ensure your shop is well-lit, and keep it clean and tidy. Consider playing soothing music and providing free Wi-Fi. If your budget allows, offering complimentary beverages can also elevate the customer experience. These small details can make your barbershop more appealing and differentiate you from your competitors.

15. Partnering with Local Businesses

Forming partnerships with local businesses can offer mutual benefits and increase your customer base. Consider partnering with gyms, local clothing stores, or even restaurants. For instance, you can provide exclusive discounts or deals to their customers, and they can do the same for yours. This strategy can not only help you reach a larger audience but also foster a sense of community among local businesses.

In addition, consider cross-promotion initiatives. This could mean sharing posts about each other’s businesses on social media, including flyers in each other's establishments, or even hosting joint events. This can help you gain exposure to customers who may not have discovered your barbershop otherwise.


Just because your physical barbershop is limited to its location, it doesn’t mean that your revenue needs to be limited as well. With these proven strategies, you can explode your revenue and really take your business to the next level.

And once you become flooded with customers, the last thing you want is to have to send customers away because of a lack of availability. With INCH, all your customers can easily book a time based on your availability and pay during the booking. The whole process is easy and stress-free meaning you’ll never leave money on the table.

Why not try INCH out for free and see how it could take your barbershop to the next level?