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Online booking and payment system for barbers

Take deposits or full payments, online and in person.

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Get booked and paid

No-fuss online payments for barbershops

Process card and mobile payments conveniently with INCH. Your clients can prepay for appointments through your online Booking Page, and you can accept payments in-person through your calendar. With transactions and billing history stored securely in your app, you can even track revenue in real-time, cut by cut.

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  • Get paid ahead of time

    Increase commitment to appointments and reduce no-shows by requesting prepayment through your online Booking Page.

  • No extra fees

    Your Booking Page and calendar connect to Square, Stripe or PayPal. INCH adds no charges to their typical transaction fees.

  • Gain valuable insights

    Track revenue, average spend and most-booked services from one app. Strategise how to grow your shop and bring in more clients.

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Get booked and paid in one go, online

Add a simple payment portal to your barbershop’s Booking Page. Your clients select a service, barber and time slot, then pay right away. All that’s left to do is show up.

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FAQs about your booking and payment app

  • Open your INCH web app and head to ‘Payments’. Enable your preferred payment integration – Square (for all users), Stripe or PayPal (exclusive to Pro and Team). Next, scroll down to ‘Booking Page payments’ and flip the switch on. You can also specify whether prepayment is optional or mandatory.

  • Yes, enable the Square integration to also take payments via Cash App, G Pay and Apple Pay.

  • Yes, you can take deposits by heading to Settings > Payments. After enabling your preferred payment integration, scroll to ‘Charges and reductions’. You can specify the partpayment that is required before a barber appointment is confirmed through your Booking Page.

    Your online booking system with deposit options saves the payment details so you can collect the outstanding balance in person.

  • Yes, you can create one-to-one services (like haircuts) and group services (like classes and events) in INCH. Head to ‘Services’ and add a new class to your account. You’ll be prompted to assign a seat number, cost and provider.

    Set up class sessions in your calendar and clients can reserve seats through your Booking Page. If you have enabled a payment integration and Booking Page payments, you can also get paid online ahead of time.

  • Yes, your appointment booking and payment system covers cash as well. Enable INCH cash register to track in-person cash payments and generate digital receipts. Cash register can be used alongside any payment integration.

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