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Book barber appointments through Facebook

Add a ‘Book now’ button to your Facebook page and take appointments 24/7.

Gain an edge with Facebook appointment scheduling

booking page for service appointments
  • Shape up your business page

    Enable clients to schedule barber appointments directly from Facebook. Clicking your ‘Book now’ button lets them view your availability and confirm independently.

  • Get booked and paid fast

    Add a payment portal to your Booking Page and accept prepayments before appointments are confirmed. Fewer no-shows, greater commitment.

  • Your online portfolio, enhanced

    Your Facebook page highlights your skills and brings in newcomers that need a trim. Go beyond posts and offer an instant route to reserve your time.

All-in-one barber booking for

Facebook & Instagram

INCH introduces new integrations year-round. Add booking options to your Instagram profile and get more competitive on social media.

Instagram booking


  • Yes, your INCH account is free and comes with an online Booking Page and calendar. Your Booking Page connects to Facebook to take appointments 24/7. If you’d like to access exclusive features like text reminders, consider signing up for a Pro or Team account. Get started.

  • Yes. In your INCH web app, go to Settings > Booking Page. You can edit your Booking Page URL to include, for example, your barbershop’s name. When clients want to book appointments on Facebook, all they need to do is click the ‘Book now’ button on your profile. Your custom Booking Page appears right away.

  • No, if you opt for a Pro or Team plan, you can remove IN THE CHAIR’s branding from your Booking Page. View our plans and set up your all-in-one Facebook appointment booking app.

  • Yes, your Facebook appointment scheduler from INCH enables you to get booked and paid online. To accept payments on your Booking Page, open your INCH web app and select ‘Payments’. Enable a payment integration and scroll down to switch on Booking Page payments. You can also specify whether prepayments are optional or mandatory.

  • Learn more about how the Facebook booking tool works. When ready, use the instructions higher up on this page to connect your Facebook and INCH accounts.

  • Yes, whether clients access your Booking Page through Facebook or any other channel, they receive automated appointment updates. These include email confirmations and email or text reminders. You can customize the content and lead time to enhance your Facebook booking system even more.

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