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Your barbershop appointment calendar

Track online bookings, walk-ins and staff schedules, all from one place.

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Your online barbershop calendar gives you a real-time view of what’s happening. Book and edit appointments, save time for walk-ins and manage your team’s schedules. By customizing your services, booking rules and color-coding different events, your shop’s organization reaches all-new heights.

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  • It’s automatic

    Book a new appointment in just a few clicks and the service provider and client get instant email confirmations.

  • Customize the look

    Color-code and label different services and events for a simple birdseye view of cuts, shaves, team training, business meetings and more.

  • Set your rules

    Specify your barbers’ individual working hours and services. Assigning appointments becomes so much faster.

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seamless barber scheduling system

Stay organized 24/7. A calendar app for barbers to schedule appointments keeps your shop running right.

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FAQs about your barber appointment book app

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