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Why and How to Host Successful Events at Your Barbershop?

When opening any new business or planning to grasp a new clientele or opportunities, the best step is to market your products or the company itself. There are multiple means through which you can do this. However, the best way is always to host a successful event within the vicinity where you run your business.

This is the same case when running a barbershop. If you are a new barbershop owner or want to outgrow the stagnant clientele you are at, hosting successful events at your barbershop will be the best bet you can make.

Wondering why hosting such events might be a great idea, and do you want some advice on how to do this? Well, we got you covered. Hop on below to learn how to brand yourself as a barber by hosting successful events.

Why Are Barbershop Events Great Idea for Your Business?

It is easier to open a barbershop; however harder to bring in clients and customers. If you are also stuck with “how to increase revenue in a barbershop?” Hear us shouting PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS WELL! Promoting is essential to achieve new customers in your new operating business or drive more in your already operating one. If you are someone who is confused or wants to know why promoting your barbershop by hosting events in it is a great idea, then the points below are for you:

Increases Brand Awareness

Hosting an event for your newly opened or already operating business will increase brand awareness. When you host an event and invite people to it, they will know about its existence and will want to know more about it. Upon arriving at the event, if they like the aesthetics of your shop and the services you offer, chances are not only will you gain a new client, but they will spread the word about your services to others too.

It Helps Provide Appropriate Information About Business Firsthand

While it is easier to promote business online on social media pages, hosting an event will help people receive an insight into your business operations. Hence, not only will they receive appropriate information about your business firsthand, but they can also ask any related questions or queries about it. 

Apart from promoting your business through an event, you can sign up on INCH, which can help customers learn about your business and book services from your shop directly from the booking page on the app.

Helps Drive More Customer Traffic

With better brand awareness advanced barber shop marketing strategy approach, it will be easier to drive more customer traffic. People often believe the word of their peers, and even if you manage to satisfy a single incoming customer, chances are that three new clients will come to your shop through them.

Improves Sales and Profits

Once your promotional ideas have helped manage a perfect clientele for you that is stable and structured. Your sales and profits will continue and will only improve. Therefore, if you are looking for better success in your business, it is about time you host a successful event at your barbershop.

Want to know how you can do this? We have you covered below.

Valuable Advice on Hosting Successful Events at Barbershops

Now that you understand why you can benefit by hosting an event for your barbershop, the next step would be to know how to host a successful event there. If you are planning to host an event, here are a few pieces of advice and hosting event tips that you should keep in mind:

Choosing the Right Type of Event for Your Barbershop

While you may be hosting an event for the benefit of your business, it is ideal to brainstorm salon event ideas or choose the right type of event theme that will make people want to visit. Our world is already fast-paced, and people are often busy. Therefore, for them to take time out of their schedules and see your business event will only be possible if you make it worthwhile.

Some unique event themes or ideas you can organize for your barbershops are a World Cup or football screening for a big tournament at your shop, some free services or specific discounts, celebrating the end of No-Shave November if the event falls within that period, etc.

Choose your Date Carefully

One of the significant aspects you should consider when hosting successful events at your barbershop is the event date. Choosing when you want your event to be is essential and will majorly dictate your audience in attendance.

Ensure you do not plan an event that coincides with major events within your city or some religious holidays of the massive following. All this will cause a decline in your attendance; only a few people can attend. Hence, always keep a date nearer to or falls on the weekend and doesn't end with any important day within your city or state.

Planning and Promoting the Event Effectively

Proper planning and promotion are essential to make any event a success. Hence, when you have decided on the theme or type of event you want to carry out, the next step will be to properly plan it and promote your event through social media and banners.

Making sure you target the right kind of audience during your promotion spree who will benefit from your event or will become a cause of your business growth is essential. Spending your promotional money and time on the wrong kind of audience will not only decrease the number of attendees at your event. Still, it will be a negative aspect for your business operations too.

Key Tip: You can introduce interactive barber shop advertising slogans and barber shop advertising signs that can prove effective in grabbing customers’ attention. 

Creating a Memorable and Engaging Experience for Attendees

One aspect is planning and hosting an event that inclines with the theme people might be interested in. However, making it a memorable and engaging experience****for everyone attending is an entirely different domain.

People can come to your event intrigued by the theme; however, at times can be disappointed if it isn't up to their expectations or not fun. Therefore you must put in enough thought and bring out an event that is memorable and keeps your attendees engaged throughout, making them have a great time, all while giving them good exposure to your business.

Leveraging Social Media and Other Marketing Channels to Maximize Event Exposure

As mentioned above, using social media to market your event is beneficial to gain more audience and bring more people to the event. Our world is highly dependent on technology, and many people learn about multiple events through social media or marketing channels.

Hence, make sure that you start promoting your event and let your desired audience know about it through the means of social media too. If your event is open to all setups, this will be a great way to drive in more people. In case it is an invite-only event, you can still use social media to let others know online about what happened at the event, who was invited, and everything that went about.

It will be a great way to promote your brand and give others a taste that you have a lot in store for them, and hence they should visit you.

Thank Your Attendees and Give Out Soveigners

Hosting a great event and ensuring everything goes smoothly throughout is essential. However, what is more, important is to thank your attendees for coming and making sure to greet them or see them at the door personally when they are leaving. This will give your guests a sense of importance, and they will remember the good etiquette. 

On the other hand, if you have the budget, keep some small souvenirs to give out when your guests leave. It can be anything from a small keychain to a cute décor piece labeled with your shop or brand's name. It will help them remember your shop whenever they see it in their house and expose your business to those who visit them too.


If you are a barbershop owner or planning on opening a barbershop shortly, promoting your business with a kick-off event will be great. If you wanted to know why hosting an event for your business might be beneficial or how you can host a successful event for your barbershop, then we hope this article was of help.